Trees are important. They are part of the natural ecosystems of our planet. They clean the air, they provide homes for animals, insects and plants, they provide food that we eat, their roots help the water cycle – in fact, they are so much more important than many of you realise. Now, Dr Jane Goodall needs YOU to help our trees.

Dr Jane Goodall has set up Trees For Jane, a new movement which aims to stop deforestation while helping to replenish the world’s dwindling stock of trees and forests through community-based protection and reforestation programs.

It also empowers individuals to plant and care for their own tree or trees in their back gardens, rooftops, or with local community groups. It is a campaign in support of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030).

And we want YOU to get involved! Find out how and get active!

A special activist roundtable was held on the 22nd September.

We were proud to have Alex Marshall representing the UK. Alex is a BSc Zoology graduate with a love of art, science, travel and the natural world.  She is currently an intern with Andover Trees United, and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, where she is carrying out a research project on the Small Heath butterflies within  Harmony Woods.


A short film ‘A Trillion Trees’ – directed and produced by Jeff Horowitz and narrated by Dr. Jane Goodall, was shown at Goal House in support of launching their Trees for Jane grassroots campaign.

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