Join Dr Jane Goodall for a special event – and join #TreesForJane

Trees are important. They are part of the natural ecosystems of our planet. They clean the air, they provide homes for animals, insects and plants, they provide food that we eat, their roots help the water cycle – in fact, they are so much more important than many of you realise. Now, Dr Jane Goodall needs YOU to help our trees.

Did you know…

  • Every 1.2 seconds man destroys an area of forest the size of a football field

  • 22% of the world’s population consume more than HALF of the world’s timber &
    72% of paper

  • 46% of world’s forests are already destroyed

  • 20% of current greenhouse gas emission is accounted for by tropical forest destruction

  • 80,000 acres of forests disappear from the Earth every day

  • 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihoods

  • 3.5/10 trees are processed for production of paper products: tissue, toothpaste,
    magazines etc.

Trees for Jane

Dr Jane Goodall has set up Trees For Jane, a new movement which aims to stop deforestation while helping to replenish the world’s dwindling stock of trees and forests through community-based protection and reforestation programs.

It also empowers individuals to plant and care for their own tree or trees in their back gardens, rooftops, or with local community groups. It is a campaign in support of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030).

And we want YOU to get involved! Find out how further down, and visit and to the @TreesForJane Instagram page.

Join Dr Jane Goodall’s Climate Activist Discussion

Saving our planet starts with me

On Wednesday 22nd September at 11.30 EST / 4.30 BST, Dr Jane Goodall will be chairing a panel of young climate activists from around the world who are leading the charge on tackling climate change.

The panel can be viewed at:

Click ‘join us’ and you will be taken to the livestream.

They’ll be talking about the importance of trees and how #TreesForJane can help. They’ll discuss the protection, restoration and planting of trees as a tangible solution to climate breakdown, and how to rally the next generation of climate activists to take ownership of their environments, wherever they are in the world, through trees.

“Trees for Jane” is a rallying cry from Jane Goodall to the world, to save and restore our planets Trees.

Meet the activists

Mya-Rose Craig (UK)

Mya-Rose Craig is a 19 year old naturalist, conservationist and environmentalist. Her first book, We Have A Dream, highlights 30 young environmentalists of colour from around the world. She hoped to amplify their voices as they are rarely mentioned in our media.

She writes a blog, Birdgirl, gives talks having spoken on a shared stage with Greta Thunberg, writes articles and also appears on TV and other media. She is Founder and President of Black2Nature, which she set up at age 13 in 2015, she became the youngest British person to be awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science age 17 for fighting for equal access to nature and ethnic diversity in the environmental sector. In September 2020 she did the most northerly youth strike in the Arctic with Greenpeace.

Black2Nature campaigns for equal access to nature for Visible Minority Ethnic communities, runs nature camps for young people and conferences


Robyn Seetal (Canada)

Robyn is a CPA, CA, and an award-winning consultant and Founder of IkTaar Sustainability. She combines her risk management, sustainability, and accounting expertise to create shared value for organizations. She serves on the Carbon Disclosure Standards Board’s international technical working group and supports The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada in developing training and guidance for its members on environmental, social, and governance topics. Robyn is passionate about embodying eco-centric leadership as a tool for systemic change. She is a founding board member of Local Investing YYC, an impact investment cooperative, and is the outgoing Co-Chair of the Climate and Environment Steering Committee for the World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper Community. Robyn’s expertise in natural capital led her to serve on the Advisory Council for and establish the Canadian chapter of the Capitals Coalition as a founding director.


Oluwaseyi Moejoh (Nigeria)

Oluwaseyi Moejoh is the co-founder of U-recycle Initiative Africa and also a law student. She has been recognized as a National Geographic Young Explorer, a High Seas Alliance Youth Ambassador, and a 2021 Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader. Oluwaseyi is passionate about changing the narratives pertaining to the plastic pollution and climate crisis in Africa and the world through building grassroot solutions and spurring meaningful actions through her writing. Oluwaseyi is

the host of the ‘The Diary of a Changemaker’ podcasts which is focused on providing changemakers with knowledge, tools and tips to help them thrive and excel in their social impact journey. She also runs a small business called Artfully Moe that makes handcrafted items like tote bags, hair bands, and more.


Rose Wamalwa, Women’s earth alliance (Kenya)

 Rose is the East Africa Program Director for Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA), and the leader of Women in Water and Natural Resources Conservation, a women’s environmental NGO in Kenya. Her work focuses on building women’s climate resilience in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda and she has extensive experience the in community development, social entrepreneurship and transformational leadership for women’s empowerment spaces. Through her leadership as a Global Women’s Water Initiative fellow in East Africa, Rose worked with grassroots women’s teams to provide support in planning, development and implementation of technologies and sustainable water projects in their communities across Kenya and Tanzania. Rose is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Development Studies at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, and currently leads WEA’s Women and Forests protection initiative in Kenya.


Farwiza Farha, Women’s earth alliance (Indonesia)

Farwiza is the Indonesia Program Lead Facilitator, Mentor Coordinator, and a Leadership Board Member with Women’s Earth Alliance, as well as a leader of Forest, Nature & Environment Aceh (HAkA) in Indonesia. By empowering communities, taking legal action and mobilizing local, national and global campaigns, Farwiza and her team pave the way for true sustainable development for their people. Through her leadership with HAkA, she helped secure an unprecedented $26 million dollars to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh, Indonesia — a 2.6 million hectare forest which serves as the last place in the world where several of the key Sundaland mega-fauna species can still be found together: the tiger, orangutan, elephant, and rhino. Her work ranges from ground level species protection to high-level advocacy, as well as community organizing and campaigns. Farwiza’s impact on community-driven forest protection was globally recognized with the prestigious Whitley Award in 2016 and is founded on a deep understanding that a holistic approach to conservation is the most viable path to success.


Julieta Amara Martinez Oyarzun, Girl Rising Fellow (Chile)

Julieta was born and raised in Chile, where she began working at the intersection of gender equity and climate change at a young age. In 2018, she launched her Tremendas Collaborative Platform, bringing together girl activists from around the world. She is currently working at Climáticas, the first academy for climate action in Latin America, with a 600 all-female student body. She co-founded the school just this past year, and plans to continue to expand it. Julieta will create a short film interviewing graduates of Climáticas.


Yugratna Srivastava (India)

Yugratna has been internationally active for twelve years and involves young people from all over the world in climate negotiations. At the age of 13, she spoke as the youngest person before the UN and demanded immediate and ambitious action to avert the climate crisis. Yugratna is a recognized expert on youth participation and climate policy and is invited to many international conferences in this capacity. There she represents the concerns of young people from the Global South and North. “The fact that [due to the climate crisis] people are losing their homes and their lives every moment makes me question the basic principles of justice and drives me to do everything I can.”


Will Charouhis, Roots & Shoots (USA)

Will Charouhis is a sophomore in high school and lives in Miami, Florida. In his four years as a Roots & ShootsUSA member, Will has led the We Are Forces ofNature R&S group, as well as served two years on theR&S National Youth Leadership Council.

The We Are Forces of Nature R&S group focuses on youth climate activism, a topic Will is passionate about. Will’s favorite Roots & Shoots project supported community efforts to adapt to climate change and encroaching seas by shoring up area coastlines. Currently, Will and his group are planting mangroves and other sea plants, and meeting with Congress to gain support for climate adaptation measures, especially inpoor coastal communities. Will spoke about local climate change impacts at the UN Climate Conference COP25in Madrid. He and his R&S group are traveling to Glasgow in November to participate in COP26.

Through his work, Will emphasizes nonpartisan discussion and looks forward to hosting more climate awareness events as a part of the NYLC. In his spare time, Will enjoys snorkeling, diving, rowing, and spending time with the sea life he loves.


Alex Marshall, Roots & Shoots (UK)

Alex is a BSc Zoology graduate with a love of art, science, travel and the natural world. She has always been fascinated with how and why living things and their environments interact. During her degree, she developed a keen interest in creative science communication, conservation and insect ecology. Combining her scientific background and love of art, she would like to explore more creative and exciting ways of passing on important information about environmental issues to a wider

audience. During Alex’s internship, she will gain experience in all aspects of the day-to- day work of Andover Trees United, with the aim of running her own project, as well as developing the charity’s communications and publicity. Alex is also an intern with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, where she is carrying out a research project on the Small Heath butterflies within Harmony Woods.


Leticia Picuasi (Ecuador)

Lisseth is an indigenous woman, identifying with the Kichwa- Otavalo people and living in the Andean region of Ecuador. Lisseth has witnessed first hand how in her home country, women are the main agents of environmental protection, and yet they often lack the resources and education to act as these agents of change. Lisseth is the first woman in her community to pursue higher education. She now studies chemical engineering and is the CEO of Warmi Stem — an organization dedicated to connecting women with careers in STEM — which she founded this past year. Her current project involves working with girls in rural, indigenous communities in her country to highlight the ways in which indigenous people have counteracted climate change with Nature Based Solutions — as well as to highlight the ways in which indigenous women are consistently denied access to education in the region.

How you can help – get involved in #TreesForJane

We want YOU to plant a tree for Jane – and encourage your friends, family, community, schools and colleges to get planting too!

We’d also love you to take a video or photo of you planting your tree and share it with us on social media so we can celebrate with you, and record how many trees are being planted. When you share your video or photo, please tag #TreesForJane,  and @TreesForJane if on Instagram.

We have Trees for Jane gifs on Instagram – search for treesforjane.

Don’t forget to encourage others to plant a tree in your video or photo or post too!

Here’s a great example of what you could do:

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