WE Project – DPS Dubai upcycles old uniforms into bags for students

Pioneered by DPS Dubai principal and director Rashmi Nandkeolyar, the Warriors for Environment (WE Project) upcycles old uniforms into bags for students. The total number of bags stitched came up to a whopping number of 15,000.

The project is a collaborative endeavour by the entire school, involving students, teachers, management, parents, and ancillary staff.

All through Ramadan, the project saw every student bring in their old uniforms and bedsheets that had been carefully laundered by their mothers. The students’ mothers volunteered to come to the school to sew the donated material into bags on 10 sewing machines provided by DPS Dubai.

Many mothers also volunteered to make the bags at home. The ancillary staff, comprising a group of artistic Filipinas, also stitched the bags. Their efforts were rewarded by the school, which is an added source of income for them.

Upcycling is more energy-efficient as it does not break down the materials, but rather refashions them using creativity. It also brought the school community together to achieve common goals by sharing knowledge and skills.

The bags stitched were given away to students to carry their new books and uniforms.


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