Dr. Jane changed ME!

That day I was inspired the most!

26 January 2023, After the Roots & Shoots Awards took place, I was filled with new enthusiasm. The perspective of Climate Change and Animal Welfare changed for me. I saw the reality. Dr. Jane opened the reality for me.

It was not until June 8th that I took Climate Action to my own hands. With unwavering energy, I started my own climate change group for bringing people together for a CHANGE! To be honest, I did not know what to do. I had started WE Hope, I had my friends and family supporting me. For days our membership remained like that. Until I met a few wonderful people who changed the direction of WE Hope. With the help of Rishav and Suryaksha, we expanded the team in India. It seemed nice and all but after quite a while it became boring. Then Precious Mary helped me expand the group in Nigeria. With Nigeria, we expanded rapidly across the globe in Mexico, Singapore, Egypt, Yemen, Peru.

Today, WE Hope is a group with more than 100+ members and a never-ending list of events going on all year round.

I want to thank Tanishq, Tanmay, Abhinav, Abhiram and Alan for always being there…

This group has more to see…

Aadesh Mohanty

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