1980s, this is when most of the activism for climate change began. The world since has drastically changed. From the dense breath-taking forests in Amazon to the Himalayan glaciers, almost everything is on the brink of expiry. By expiry, I only mean that these wonders will no longer exist. Did you know that now, this current moment we are losing around 100-150 plant species. Not plants, plant SPECIES.

Amongst the many problems that occur on a daily basis, water scarcity, severe fires, rising sea levels, flooding, melting polar ice, catastrophic storms are only few. Do you know, in existence only our earth provides life and shelter to us. Yes, in thousands of miles all across space and our solar system only earth serves home to the thousands of species that are ever known. If you think of alternates-that is humans living and breathing on mars, you are bound only to your imagination but only now, we have no such option. If we are born on Earth, mustn’t we strive to help fix its problems? 

Did you know that global warming wasn’t a thing only until a few years ago. Can’t we work to eradicate a term such this? An average person uses 22 bottles a day -that is about 1.2 million a minute, approximately 91% of this is never recycled. Wow, we are turning earth into hell as well as a garbage can. 2 birds from one arrow. 

While you have finished reading this, around 50 plant species are extinct. Must I continue, with only negativity? Let’s bring CHANGE.

Only today, it must be something of a realization that we must bring an end to this. Why must hundreds of plants die for us to enjoy cooling ACs in our homes? Why must Earth suffer expiration so unnaturally? Why must Mars be burdened? Why must anything change? Huh?

Let’s voice this issue so people understand. So people react, So people join in rebuilding this beauty named Earth.

Remember “Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right.”-Jane Goodall

#World Environment Day

Aadesh Mohanty –

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