Students Inspired to Reach for the Stars by Dr. Jane

What an amazing experience for students to meet Dr. Jane Goodall in Abu Dhabi to kick off 2017!!!

Jane and MSS Team After Receiving Award

UAS Roots & Shoots students, who have been spearheading the Million Solar Stars project, had a once in a lifetime experience discussing with Dr. Jane, how they are bringing solar reading lights and solar power to Mkamenyi Primary School in Kenya.  Dr. Goodall was impressed by the scalability of the Million Solar Stars project, and agreed to the idea of rolling out solar to schools in the 100+ countries Roots & Shoots is active in.  Sounds like a great solar school challenge on the horizon!!!

Thank you to the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, and to Roots & Shoots and Dr. Jane Goodall for the Award.  And congratulations to the students and schools at the Awards ceremony who are helping lead green projects in the U.A.E.  We need Youth Environmental Sustainability (YES) projects in schools.

Roots & Shoots students are looking forward to next steps in expanding solar to more schools in the U.A.E., Kenya, and around the world with our growing constellation of Million Solar Stars!

Students on talking with Jane and on Stage Students Present MSS on Stage  NFL_1655NFL_1659



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