Special Assembly Ozone day – Report 2022

Don’t let the future go up in smoke. SAVE THE OZONE. Earth without ozone is like a house without roof. Every ozone hole is a threat to our soul.”

 The special assembly conducted today, the 16th of September, 2022,  by the students of Grade 8th B and 8th D of SUNRISE ENGLISH PRIVATE SCHOOL,  was to highlight the importance of preservation of the Ozone layer.

 The assembly began with Quran recitation which was followed by the UAE and Indian National Anthem and the School Prayer Song.

After the prayer an introduction speech was given which emphasized on the importance of holding an Ozone day.  The theme for this year’s Ozone day is Global Cooperation Protecting Life on Earth‘ was presented to the students, after a brief description of the Montero Protocol.

A motivational poem was recited related to the ozone day which motivates us to pledge and do our bit in the protection of the ozone layer. The speech brilliantly conveyed some ideas about how we as individuals can contribute to improving the quality of the ozone layer, by mending our own habits and adopting new strategies.

A conclusion speech of gratitude was delivered at the end of the assembly. The assembly indeed had successfully helped all the students to understand the importance of International Ozone Day and encouraged them to effectively contribute to the protection and preservation of the Ozone layer.

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