Sunrise English Private School update

We have undertaken the following Sustainable Missions

  • Started Microgreens (new way of farming) in our vegetable garden on 12/11/19 in the school premises
  • Effective recycling of cans and paper (More than 2,000 kg of paper and 85 kg of cans was given to EEG by the school in 2019).
  • A campaign done against the single- use of plastic in the community on 8/11/2019  to protect our marine life
  • Smart waste management in school (Food waste converted into Compost in 4 hours by using a machine)
  • Environmental day(s) celebration conducted in School assembly.-Ozone day, world food day. Earth day
  • Green Audit in School (Air, Water, Land, Energy, Waste).-Every year
  • Fish Awareness Campaign conducted in the community ( Choose wisely- Fish is part of our life ( Every year)
  • E waste collection in our school and battery challenge started in 2019 
  • Hydroponics Farm has started in our school premises and continuing.
  • An Organic Farm has been organised in the school. Always sell the  farm products to the parents on PTA meeting.
  • A beach clean-up is also arranging as an initiative to protect our marine life in December-2019
  • We have joined in the Recycling competition (simply bottles)     Students have to bring the bottles with No.1 just for recycling

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