Ozone day celebration

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on September 16th   2018 was celebrated in Sunrise English private School.

On the occasion, a special assembly was conducted under the coordination of Biology department. Girls from 9th grade showcased a variety of programmes. The assembly started with a speech on ‘What is the importance of Ozone , Causes of its depletion and tips to save Ozone layer’ followed by a skit  which depicted the importance of Ozone. Students took an oath to protect the Ozone layer.

At the end of the assembly, ECO Club President announced about the campaign for plastic reduction. The campaign is lead by Master Tarun and team from 9th grade ( boys section) and Gouri and team from 6th grade ( girls section.)

Achievement certificates were also given for Question a day and Sastra Pratibha contest.

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