Roots & Shoots Annual Awards

Roots & Shoots is an initiative started by Dr. Jane Goodall, with a view to encourage students and teachers to implement practical change for the people and environment. This year, 4 students of our school, representing the Verte club were given the wonderful opportunity to take part in the annual Roots and Shoots Awards, where the Climate Force Challenge was inaugurated. Under this challenge we were encouraged to take small but effective steps in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

 We were provided with a white board to display the work of our club throughout the year and were also given the chance to learn and gain new ideas from the clubs of the other schools. Each school was also given the opportunity to present a pledge, made by themselves through a skit, movie, poem etc. 

“We got the marvelous opportunity to meet more environment enthusiasts and share our ideas to reduce our carbon footprint” said Riya Shaju, member of the Verte club.

We were also fortunate to attend a session with Dr. Jane Goodall where she described her journey from her childhood up to the present day.

After the session, we were led to the beach to take part in the turtle survival challenge, where we learnt of the various hardships faced by the Hawksbill Turtle, which is a species of turtle which nests at the Saadiyat beach. Through various activities, such as the blindfolded maze, we were able to understand the importance of being more careful of our habits at the beach.

“The entire experience was enlightening as we got to meet peers who are all driven to serve nature and protect it by taking initiatives, either big or small” said Tania Manoj of Grade 11.

“Attending the event helped us realize the true effects of our collaborative efforts, the interactions with those who are passionate about the environment as has definitely increased our determination to do more” said Sara Azeem, member of the Verte club.

Sherin John

11 C

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