Zero Waste Lunch Boxes @ St. Joseph’s School, Abu Dhabi

To commemorate Arab Environment Day and raise the awareness about the environmental issues of aluminum foil and plastic in Arab countries, “Zero Waste Lunch Boxes” campaign was organized at St. Joseph’s School for three Thursdays of October, 2016.

The campaign was initiated by the school eco club VERTE. All students and teachers were urged to pack the lunch boxes without foil and plastic on 15th, 22nd and 29th October, 2016.

Posters depicting the theme and hazards of foil and plastic were made by the students and displayed at the school’s entrance.

After the lunch break, members of VERTE inspected all the classes and were delighted to see empty trash bins.

The campaign was a huge success and the efforts of students were well appreciated. In future, VERTE is planning to organize more similar campaigns to reduce the foil and plastic usage in packing food items.

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