World Habitat Day at St. Joseph’s School

World Habitat Day was successfully celebrated at our school on the 3rd of October,2016. The event was organised by the Verte Club of the school who had begun planning weeks ago in order to bring to young minds, the importance of preserving our natural habitats. The colour theme for this day in our school was blue. All teachers and students were requested to tie a blue ribbon around their hand to symbolise the greatest habitat of all, Mother Earth; who lovingly nurtures all her children upon her blissful land and water. The morning assembly was quickly followed up by the World Habitat Day programs. We had Hafeesa from Grade IX enlighten everyone with a spectacular speech regarding the occasion.

A group of first graders recited a beautiful poem on Habitats which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Lastly, we finished off with an action song by the Verte Club along with the 11th graders which was an instant success.

Once the programs were over, the prize distribution of the World Habitat Day Poster Making competition for grades 1-5 were announced and given out. Thus we drew to the end of the celebration in school but the effect is still carried out with zeal.

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5 Responses to World Habitat Day at St. Joseph’s School

  1. Clare Francis says:


    Wow !! Roots and Shoots
    Shall we Howl and Hoot

    A Good Job done !

  2. Yahoo …..We went BLUE ….
    Then GREEN
    And always aim for WHITE ( Peace ) !

    Keep it up Mrs.Megha and verte members

  3. Jasmine says:

    We were able to get more information about world habitat day which was something different and interesting. Keep doing well.

  4. Mariamma says:

    Congrats!! Megha. Good job.

  5. Sonia Thomas says:

    Congrats Megha&Verte Club Members!!! Good Job

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