Are you ready for No Waste November 2022?

Calling all Roots & Shoots members and groups! It’s November, which means it’s time for No Waste November – a really simple way to make a difference, reduce waste, and encourage and empower others to make a change too.

No Waste November is all about making simple every day changes that reduce or eliminate waste. It’s also about encouraging those changes for others, either by inviting individuals to take part, asking organisations to change their practices, or asking politicians and businesses to get involved.

And it’s also about learning where our waste comes from, and what we can do about it. You could learn about fast fashion and how it affects the environment, or conduct a classroom waste audit to see what waste you can reduce at school.

It’s also nearly time for COP27, the 27th annual meeting of global leaders, who are coming together to take action on the environmental crisis and climate change. Learning more about COP27, and the discussions between scientists, environmentalists and conservation experts, is a good idea.  The more knowledge you have, the more informed you are, the more clearly you can call for our representatives on the global stage to take our views into account.

No Waste November 2022


This year we’ve got lots of daily prompts for you to follow so you can help make a change every day of the month. Tick them off day-by-day, do a few at a time, or pick the ones you like or are best for you.

Do some, do them all; whatever you do, it will help!

Share you pledges, and inspire others

As with every year, we’d love to hear your No Waste November pledges.  By sharing them you’ll also be inspiring others. So print out the image below or use a digital version; add your pledge; then share it online.

Don’t forget to use the #NoWasteNovember hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll be sharing your pledges, and achievements throughout the month, so don’t forget to share those too.

As well as sharing via social media, you could also get together with your friends, classmates or Roots & Shoots group to create a presentation, wall or tree of your No Waste November pledges. If you do this, we’d love to see a picture of it.

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