Roots & Shoots 30th Anniversary Celebrations!

Happy 30th Anniversary Roots & Shoots!

Roots&Shoots 30th Anniversary

30 years ago today, Dr. Jane Goodall launched a youth-driven movement that has inspired thousands of young change-makers and transformed the world. There’s no limit to what young people can do!

Young people are not just the future, you are the present and have the power to shape tomorrow, today! Join us in celebrating 30 years of Roots & Shoots by taking on the issues that matter most to you as part of a massive movement of compassionate change-makers, just like you!

An anniversary message from Roots & Shoots UAE!

Huge thanks to everyone who sent in a birthday message for our special anniversary video. We hope you enjoy watching it, that it reminds you that you’re part of a very special global family, and that it inspires you to continue doing the amazing work you’re doing to help people, animals and the environment!

…and a birthday message from Dr Jane Goodall

Dr Jane Goodall has a very special message to all members of the global Roots & Shoots family!

Celebrate our achievements, create future positive change

Roots&Shoots 30th Anniversary litter pick

As young people face the greatest challenges of our lifetime, we want the 30th Roots & Shoots Anniversary to celebrate the incredible diversity, connections, and accomplishments of individuals in the program from around the globe, while also mobilizing hundreds of thousands of young people to create positive change in their communities today, for tomorrow!

We want young people to feel hopeful and empowered to take on problems facing people, animals, and the environment as individuals and together in their daily lives right now and for years to come.

The power is in your hands

Roots & Shoots inspires young people to believe in their own voice and abilities, growing connections, and respect across all identities. Roots & Shoots changemakers have already done incredible things over the last 30 years, you’re already changing the world!

But this year is going to be HUGE – this is your chance to be part of something extraordinary and help to create the roadmap of a better future for all.

Hope. Act. Change.

Roots&Shoots 30th Anniversary

These are what we’re focussed on this anniversary year. Have hope, turn that hope into actions, and help create change. You are amazing, powerful and brilliant, and you will achieve great things.

Share your birthday messages and your projects with us, using our anniversary hashtags:

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