Roots & Shoots Around the World – Spring 2017

Roots & Shoots is a global family of hundreds of groups in countries all around the world, each doing their part to help people, animals and the environment.

These project updates come from our sister Roots & Shoots groups in the UK, and there are some great ideas and plenty of inspiration to be found!

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The Wonderful Roots & Shoots UK Awards

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Shortly after presenting the Roots & Shoots UAE Awards, Dr. Jane Goodall traveled to the UK to host the Awards there – that’s a lot of travelling!

The Awards took place in London, with the invited school and university groups putting up brilliant displays about their projects. Dr. Goodall loved meeting and chatting to everyone and learning what they’d been up to. The Awards themselves recognised the oustanding achievement of many groups and individuals. We especially loved watching the documentary films made by students for the new LoveNature Documentary competition.

Collecting Pennies for Fairtrade

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What do you do with all the little coins you have left over after shopping? They’re not worth very much on their own, but collect them all together and you could have a nice amount of money that can be donated towards a good cause.

That’s what the Roots & Shoots Group at Sir Jonathan North Community College did, gathering all the leftover pennies from friends and families too and donating them to the Fairtrade Foundation which works to ensure people who work in places like coffee and cocoa farms are paid a decent living wage, enough for them and their families to live well on.

Spring Hill Primary School and Vision Aid

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The students of Spring Hill Primary School collected old glasses from friends and family to be sent to Vision Aid. Vision Aid is a charity that works to bring life changing eye care to people in Ethiopia. A simple eye check and pair of glasses can make all the difference, meaning adults can work and children can see clearly at school so they can get a good education.

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