Raising Awareness

In preparation for The Zero Waste Fiesta Seeds of Knowledge created a volunteer group. The volunteers would not only help on the actual day, but would try to raise awareness about pollution, and a zero waste lifestyle. We set to work immediately. All the children came up with flyers to spread awareness on social media. Spreading awareness is incredibly important. Even educated people don’t realise how our everyday lives are having disastrous effects on our planet. Here is a flyer explaining this by Hana Abdus Saamad:

Hana was conveying this shocking realisation in a simple, five second read. People don’t want to read long articles and do something that takes up time. Huda, Habibullah, and Bareeha conveyed similar messages in their flyers.

Of course, facing the facts is only one part of the solution. We have to do something about it. Here is the flyer Maryam Ali made about a Zero Waste Lifestyle.

This flyer helps people understand that it really is very simple to reduce your waste and breaks it down. People want something that will be easy. Telling them to “reduce their waste” isn’t specific enough. Sarah chose to convey a similar message. We hope that when people read these they will be motivated to change their lifestyle!

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