Special Food Sustainability Assembly in SCS

The Food waste Problem:

On Thursday 13th October, Safa Community School had a special visit from Herogo – a company which aims to fight the food waste problem here in the UAE. The students learned all about how food waste is a huge problem not only in Dubai or the UAE but across the globe! Daniel from Herogo gave a fascinating presentation to the students about small steps they could take at home and in school to minimise the problems and help to save our planet!

The children were shocked to learn that in the UAE alone, 1 million tonnes of perfectly good food is wasted every year, often because of the ‘ugly problem’ – this bit of veg is ‘too big’, that one is ‘too small’, and that one has a ‘funny shape’. Daniel even showed the children examples of some oddly shaped cucumbers which would not be sold in supermarkets and thrown straight in the bin! We learned that often food is wasted because it is too close to its sell by date, it’s excess produce that’s not needed, unusual colours and shapes. When these groceries go in the bin, not only does it waste the food, but it also wastes the energy, water and resources that went into growing it.

We loved having Daniel and Herogo in SCS to teach us about food waste and how we can make sustainable choices to help our planet.


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One Response to Special Food Sustainability Assembly in SCS

  1. Akvile Petraityte says:

    Food waste is a really huge problem globally, we are really happy to see that the students of SCS are learning about it.

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