Plastic Pollution at SCS

At SCS, we have been learning about how humans can impact our environment. In particular, we have been focusing on the effects that plastic has on our oceans. In class, we have been busy researching the garbage patches in our oceans and conducting lunch box surveys monitoring the amount of waste plastic each class is producing. As part of our learning, our teachers filled our swimming pool with lots of single use plastic items. We then had to imagine what it is like for sea creatures whose homes are polluted!

In addition, we had an informative assembly from Mai Dubai and Simply Bottles teaching us about sustainability and the power of the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We loved learning about how plastic bottles can be recycled and reused to make items such as school bags, t-shirts, baseball caps and more! We learned about the important steps Mai Dubai are taking to use renewable energy sources, such as solar panels to power their factory and how they are encouraging us to take small steps to collectively have a big impact. We are using all of these fantastic opportunities to build awareness across the school on the negative impact single use plastic can have on our planet, to promote recycling across the school and to encourage more responsible use of plastic in our lunch boxes.



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  1. Well done SCS! Plastic pollution is a global issue, but we all can make our difference and contribute towards less plastic going into our oceans.

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