Rosary Boys Meet Tara Golshan

On October 26, 2016 about 25 boys met with Tara to discuss their plans for Roots & Shoots. Among the ideas discussed, the most popular with the boys were ” Save the Environment” and “Recycle”.  Some of them planted strawberry seeds in bottles and the other created posters on various aspects of How to save the Environment.

They also created awareness among their peers on what Roots and Shoots is all about encouraging them to join the club.


٢٠١٦١٠٢٦_١١٥٣٠٦ ٢٠١٦١٠٢٦_١١٥٣٠١

٢٠١٦١٠٢٦_١١٥٢٣٠ ٢٠١٦١٠٢٦_١١٥٢٣٣

٢٠١٦١٠٢٧_١٢٠٨١٨ ٢٠١٦١٠٢٧_١٢٠٧٥٤

٢٠١٦١٠٢٧_١٢٠٨٢٥ ٢٠١٦١٠٢٧_١٢٠٨٣٥ ٢٠١٦١٠٢٧_١٢٠٨٣٨

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