Shout out for Roots & Shoots members in the morning assembly!!!

The Roots & Shoots members were acknowledged in the morning assembly for achieving the Roots & Shoots awards this year. The students were thrilled to meet Dr Jane in Dadu Gardens and hear stories from her. We read excerpts from the ” Book of Hope” by Dr Jane in the Roots & Shoots meeting. The video of the chimpanzee Wounda hugging Dr Jane brought smiles onto our faces. We read about the Yellowstone National park’s mission in bringing back grey wolves and how it helped to restore the ecological balance in the Yellowstone National Park. We also discussed the rescue mission of Don Merton in saving robins from getting extinct in the Book Of Hope. This book brought back hopes into our mind indeed!!! As Dr Jane says “We still have a window of time during which we can start healing the harm we have inflicted on the planet.”

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