Learning from the garden

This week, the Roots & Shoots members learned about symbiotic relationship, parasitic relationship, seed dormancy and the role of decomposers from our vegetable garden. The students learned symbiotic relationship by looking at the pollinators and the plants where they are mutually benefitted. We saw some bugs on beans where it was the parasitic relationship. Since most of the plants in the garden had completed their lifecycle, we wanted to save some seeds for the next season. So we left some fruits on the plants for them to dry up and fall into the soil. The soil acts as natural seed banks for the next season. The seed sleeps until the next season and students were delighted to learn about seed dormancy from Okra in our garden. The Zucchini plants were dying since they have completed their lifecycle. We left them to decompose in the garden soil to add nutrients and fertility to the soil for the next season.

Before we left the garden, we harvested lots of beans, both green and purple to take home.

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