Food Waste Awareness at QAS

QAS has been successful in reducing the food waste in the school from 7kg average in March to 1.8 Kg average by the end of the year. We count this as one of our success stories. The continuous awareness campaigns, presentations and the hard work of our student volunteers made this happen. We had speakers from a local composting company speak to our students about the impact of the food waste on global warming. We saw students packing the left over food to enjoy it at home. During our afterschool hours, we had special food preservation workshops to demonstrate pickling, jam making, curd making and so on… our students thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and we saw the impact of all these when we started recording food waste that went into the bins every day.

One of our activities called ” Meatless Mondays” saw a huge participation this year compared to last year. Apart from the students, the teachers and the parents also participated in making this a huge success. Our food and nutrition team from Qatar Foundation visited the school to encourage us and get inspired from our ideas to replicate them in the other schools.

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