Practicing Presentations for Green Flag Accreditation

This is our second year with Eco Schools program. Our themes for this year were healthy schools and Climate Change. Our eco committee worked hard to make our school a circular economy by introducing various programs like composting, reducing and recycling campaigns. We successfully reduced the food waste in the school from 7 Kg in March to 1.8 Kg in October. We also showed some positive growth in using public transport, carbon footprint awareness , and participation in environmentally significant programs and activities. Not only the students and teachers, but also the cafeteria staff, cleaning staff and handymen supported us in our journey.

Our cafeteria staff documented the food waste that went into the compost everyday. They also recorded the weight of the compost taken out of the bin. Our handymen turned in punctually to irrigate our vegetable garden and the security kept vigil over the timers of the tower garden.

Our eco committee is all excited to welcome the eco schools evaluation team to our school and are working hard on the presentations to impress the team.

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One Response to Practicing Presentations for Green Flag Accreditation

  1. Huda Alyafei says:

    QAS is very proud with this achievement.

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