QAS’s Garden Based Learning selected as the best education initiative in Qatar bu hundrED

Our project called “Garden Based Learning” was selected as one of the best education innovation in Qatar by hundrED at Qatar Spotlight. GBL is a set of programs, projects and activities in which garden is the center of integrated learning. We grew cucurbits, tomatoes, chilies, watermelons, beans, guards, radish, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower etc… in our garden. These were supplied to the school cafeteria for the lunch program and the nutritional qualities of these were displayed in the cafeteria to promote healthy eating habits. These were also sold in our community to raise funds for “Educate A Child Program”.

To engage the students in summer, we also had a sustainable aeroponic tower garden where we grew leafy vegetables. Our students enjoyed being in the garden and seeing an ecosystem develop.

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