“Green Grace” Handkerchiefs for a Greener Future campaign

In a significant step towards fostering a greener future, the Bhavans Natura Eco Club launched the “Green Grace Handkerchiefs for a Greener Future” campaign at Private International English School in Abu Dhabi. This pioneering initiative, aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness, was officially inaugurated on January 12th, 2024, by the esteemed school Principal, Mr. Suresh V. Balakrishnan. Headmistress Ms. Vanitha Walter and the Eco Club Coordinator Ms. Janarajani played the lead role.

The campaign witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, teachers, and the entire school community, highlighting a collective commitment to environmental responsibility. “Green Grace Handkerchiefs” symbolize not only a sustainable alternative but also serve as a reminder of the ongoing efforts towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle. Children of various grades came to school with a handkerchief pinned up with their dress and had their process along the corridors.

Principal in his reminded the children about the importance of going green and making the school premises eco-friendly. He also shared with them the fact that more than 7 trees are cut to produce a ton of tissue paper. If the demand for tissue paper is controlled, the manufacturing will be reduced and thereby felling of trees.

The event marked a significant stride in the school’s dedication to instilling eco-conscious values among its stakeholders. By actively engaging the school community in such initiatives, Private International English School underscores the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

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