CAP2023 – Climate Ambassadors Programme

In alignment with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability and in anticipation of COP28 to be held at Expo City Dubai, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment launched the Climate Ambassadors Programme (CAP) in collaboration with the Expo School Programme. A distinguished group of 30 students were chosen to represent our school and participate in a model COP meeting at Expo City Dubai along with the support of Ms. Janaranjani, Mr. Rohit, Mr. Saji and Ms. Bindu Benny.

The students arrived at Expo City Dubai at 11:00 after having departed from the school premises promptly at 9:30. Following a brief interval for refreshments, they embarked on an enlightening tour of the Terra – Sustainability Pavilion, led by the diligent expo city staff. This immersive experience guided the students through the captivating realms of various ecosystems, from lush forests to the eerie depths of the oceans. During the tour, they were educated on effective methods to mitigate the detrimental impacts on these ecosystems and were inspired to take concrete actions to safeguard the planet’s natural heritage.

Concluding the tour, the students proceeded to the Climate Ambassadors Conference Hall, where they were warmly welcomed by the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. The agenda for the day, ‘Loss and Damage,’ was unveiled, setting the stage for engaging discussions. In line with the theme, the students participated in constructive conversations about the effects of climate change on the populations and natural environments of their respective countries. They were divided into four groups representing the G-77, AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States), EU (European Union), and the Arab States, respectively. The students convened in breakout rooms for 15 minutes to delve into the challenges faced by their assigned countries and subsequently presented their findings before the other groups.

A second round of discussions, lasting 25 minutes, involved two groups comprising two parties each. The focus of these deliberations was to confront the identified challenges head-on and collaboratively develop effective solutions. The students dedicated their efforts to drafting an official action plan aimed at addressing the pressing issues and fostering sustainable practices.

The discussion culminated with the groups presenting their meticulously crafted action plans to the Chair and Vice Chair, sparking engaging debates and discussions. With an unwavering commitment to progress, delegates from each party skillfully amended and elaborated upon their proposals, collectively striving for comprehensive and impactful solutions. Finally, a democratic vote was conducted to determine the acceptance of the action plans. With this, the meeting was officially adjourned and the ambassadors dispersed, not before sharing their feedback with the CAP2023 team.

The entire experience was not only enjoyable but more importantly eye opening. It shifted the viewpoints of all those involved. It allowed the students to step out of their own shoes and view the climate change situation from a different perspective and identify the role they play. However, the learning doesn’t end here. We must continue to keep ourselves updated on current affairs and take steps to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We must take action. The climate is changing, and so should we.

– Manas Vakani & Minha Haris (11A)

Bhavans Natura

Private International English School Abu Dhabi

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