A webinar on plastic pollution and solution was organised on 6th December 2021, by the young leaders of Bhavans Natura, Eco Club.

“Our commitment to the next generation is a toxic-free world,”- the webinar was kick-started with these thought-provoking words from the Vice Principal of PIES, Mr. Suresh V. Balakrishnan. The Guest Speaker, Miss. Afrah Shuja, the CEO of Cortex Wellbeing, inspired us with her reminders about the responsibility of the youth in preserving the pristine purity of the globe. The focus of the webinar was on SDG 14 (life below water) Awareness, Actions and Practice

The main highlight of the event was the group presentations where the young enthusiastic eco champs put forward their thoughts on the plastic predicament and their solutions to tackle this issue. The focus of the webinar was on Awareness. Actions. Practice SDG 14, life below water.

Group 1 gave a wonderful presentation of the impacts that plastic had on mother earth, following that group 2 had a presentation on the solutions to different problems faced because of plastic pollution And lastly with the help of group 3 we looked at the initiatives by major environmental organizations, corporations and countries in the World.

Ashwin Sathyanath (grade-5), Amogh Rajesh, Rakesh Rajasekaran, Govind Subhash, Aishwarya Shyjith (grade.7) Pranav Kiran, Pallavi Kiran, Ashvik Linu, Rishon Augustine, Adhvaith Sunil (grade-9) Sreelakshmi (grade-10) Phani Uday, Trun Vishal, Aamod Varma (grade-11), Meenakshi Subash, Adithya Sathyanath (grade-12) were the main role players of the webinar.

All in all, this webinar provided food for thought on plastic pollution, a solution to the problem, and the organizations helping tackle it. We thank the Vice Principal Sir Suresh V. Balakrishnan and Mrs. Afrah Shuja for sharing their thoughts and inspiring all of us, Usha Kumari Ma’am for coordinating the event, the Student coordinators, Amogh and Pranav, and all the participants of the tide turner plastic challenge who made this event possible. We were overwhelmed with the presence of the parents and grandparents of the PIES on this occasion.

Reported by

Ms. Usha Kumari

Coordinator SSI & Eco Club

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