The sun rose again, so did the flowers bloom, 

But the entire world was sinking in pollutions’ gloom! 

Mother Nature loved and cared for every life that took birth, 

But we fulfilled our greed and not need, and ruled over the Earth! 


During such times, where there was a threat to every creature, 

Emerged a powerful woman, a teacher and sustainability’s preacher! 

She fought the toughest of storms and the deepest of streams, 

And gave life to mother Natures’ beautiful dreams! 


She is Dr. Jane Goodall, who strongly believed in nature’s powers, 

Taught us that nature could choose to give us thunderstorms but always gave us flowers! 

She brings life in the lifeless and speaks to nature and its animals and trees, 

She is the planet’s gem, as our future and nature’s love is all that she sees! 


Dr. Jane Goodall has said that a difference is made every action you uptake, 

But you can decide what kind of difference you want to make! 

She has decided to be the change and has redefined living, 

She has proven to the world the power of purpose through care and her value of giving! 


Today, let’s salute her for her ever-lasting courage, passion and determination, 

Let’s promise to walk on her footsteps and lead the Earth to the most beautiful destination! 

Even amidst the darkest of nights, she shines like the single light’s ray, 

Dr. Jane Goodall – she is the woman with a powerful purpose who is leading our way! 

– Akshita Kanna, Grade 12

 Private International English School 

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  1. Jojo Martin C M says:

    A well-written beautiful poem. Congratulations Akshita.

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