Magnificent are those splendid living beings in the absence of whom our very existence would be interrogated, the source of the breath of life that satisfies our lungs, our green friends; none but the divine trees.

Bhavans Natura,the eco club of Bhavans(PIES) is extremely delighted to proclaim its small step to prolong the lifespan of these trees through the medium of a paper recycling  programme. Dubbed as the ONE ROOT ONE COMMUNI-TREE programme it was conducted in partnership with Emirates Environmental Group(EEG). It was implemented phase-wise; the first phase was from 15th-24th March,2019 and the second from 20th October-7th November,2019.

Phase 1:

Children were instructed to bring all kinds of book material; from guides and notebooks to magazines. Subsequently these were sorted up in accordance with their purposes. The story books became the newly welcomed members of our school library. The guides and educationally beneficial ones were given out to students,especially referring to the higher graders who were in urgent craving of these. There was a collection of 4645kgs of paper, this being a massive victory for this small inception.

Phase 2:

The same procedures were followed for making the school community aware of the collection process. However,this time it wasn’t just paper, there was also collection of mobile phones,since we were aware of the cynical effects of chemicals when gadgets interact with the environment. There were section wise collection competitions organized in order to boost up the spirits in students and class teachers and it all worked out quite well! Surprisingly, Grade 2F bagged the first prize in the primary level outperforming their seniors in the same category. This time the total collection amounted to 3105kgs of paper, as also the collection of 80 mobile phones, which is immensely big considering the fact that this was the first attempt.


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