The Twinning programme initiated by Roots and Shoots on 1st October, 2019, at Dunes International School was attended by six students along with Ms. Usha Kumari, Coordinator of Sustainable School Initiative.  The Director of the programme was Mrs. Tara Golshan, delivered a lecture on the topic ‘Our Planet Can Be Saved’

The short narration on  Dr. Jane Goodall, the eminent primatologist and anthropologist and Robert Swan’s mission to save Antarctica was an eye-opener to all of us.

Ms. Tara gave us an insight into our future where the environment is being destroyed because of human actions. She inspired us to join the Twinning programme wherein we the students will be provided global forums and conferences to set goals and plan actions to heal the world from the harmful impacts of Climate Change. It also empowers the spirit and determination of the youth towards sustainable development.  The programme ended up by a video being played on ‘Heal the World’ animated by Steve Cutts the brilliant British artist and animator.

By the end of the workshop we realized why we engage in so many environmental activities at school, and we are encouraged to plant more trees. So, we believe that our small actions can make a huge difference and together we can save the earth. We left the hall with lot of excitement to meet Dr. Jane Goodall in Abu Dhabi in the month of February 2020.

Reported by Usha Kumari V


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