Tarsheed initiative Water and Electricity Conservation


Tarsheed initiative Water and Electricity Conservation-

Conservation is humanity caring for future.

In accordance with Earth Day celebrations in Private International English School, Abu Dhabi, an interactive session for grade 7 students on ‘Water and Electricity Conservation’ by Eng. Zainab Al Hosani and Eng. Adhari Alsarkal from Tarsheed (ADDC- Abu Dhabi Distribution Company),  was held at Ram Manch on 22 April, 2019.  The session highlighted the dire need to conserve water and electricity and how small changes in daily habits can save water and electricity at home and school premises, urging to take an initiative in conserving the environment.

They shared ideas easy to implement to reduce water wastage and energy consumption eg: Fix leaky taps, faucets to reduce the flow of water, water plants early morning, usage of water heaters to be reduced in summer, tips to reduce energy consumption by refrigerators, need for purchasing energy efficient appliances with energy star label.

This session was organized with a view to sensitize the children about the conservation of water and electricity and motivate them to do their part to make this planet even more beautiful.

Reported by Usha kumari & Deepthi K

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