Honing Future Energy Skills

The workshop on Future Energy Skills conducted by Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre) on Tuesday, 15th January, was attended by student representatives Siddharth Meher (grade 11), Shakthi Shanmugan (grade 11) and Adithya Sathyanath (grade 9) and Ms. Bindhu Raghunath (department of Physics).

The workshop kickstarted with a brief interview with the winners of the Zayed Energy Prize conducted by Ms. Gayathri, for a brief period of 15 minutes. During the interview, one of the winners Jessie, explained how his surroundings forced him to create the ‘Living Machine’ with his high school friends to overcome water shortage by recycling grey water into pure water. The interview was followed by an inspirational presentation by Mohamed Al Qadhi, General Manager of Sandooq Al Watan, who stated that science and philanthropy coupled together can bring about an easy change in the society. He also mentioned several points to reach success in an effective manner such as ‘passion and skill’, ‘hard work and dedication’ etc.

The workshop inspired us to develop a new perspective on how success could be achieved and it also made me realize that there are several ways to contribute towards a successful change in the society. All in all, it was fantastic and served as a critical eye opener for us.  The workshop has also contributed greatly to the school by providing guidelines towards initiating a sustainable future.


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