Yes, we CAN!

Yes, we CAN!

Our environment enthusiasts were on a spree for a cleaner and greener environment when they started the Can Collection Drive, by Bhavan’s Natura in participation with EEG.  The drive which began in the third week of October, aimed at the objective to reduce landfills and maintain the sustainability level.  The Eco Club went swanky with an outstanding collection of more than 2000 cans, amounting to 25 kgs! Liana Ann Leni of class 3-A took the lead with 750 number of cans to her credit! The Club also witnessed an active participation of the parents, neighbouring communities, and teachers.  The following students are those who collected more than hundred cans.

Liana Ann Leni -750 (2 B)            Anjali Lathiesh-336 (2B)

Akshara Nambiar-176(1A)            Varada Manu- 168(2 C)

Ashwin Sathyanath- 130 (2E)       Nirupama – 103(2)

Anupama – 102(2)                           Arjun Lathish -100 (10 – D)

Bhavan’s Natura honored these young environmentalists by distributing certificate.


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