We, at Bhavans Abudhabi, created an awareness campaign among all users to reduce the usage of plastic in the month of October 2017.

The students were divided into groups.  They monitored the usage of plastic in every class. All the classes were visited at regular intervals and counselled thereby creating awareness about the ill effects of using plastic.

Apart from the classes, they visited stores, canteen, school office and other areas where plastic waste is generated and created awareness on the need to avoid plastic.

Cloth bags were made with the old uniforms collected from the KG section in collaboration with Departments of English and Art. Students made paper bags too using old newspapers.

Taking cue from this, a non-packaged drinking water week also was celebrated from December 4th to 7th.  Circulars were sent to parents requesting them to use normal water bottles and also to use the coolers in the school to refill the bottles.  A power point was prepared by the water audit team members and the same was presented in grades from KG to 12. A check list was also provided to the class teachers to be filled in after which a considerable reduction in usage of packaged drinking bottles was noted.

Our aim is to bring down the usage of plastic to at least 50 %.

Manjusha Vipin & Sreeja Gopinath

Coordinators of water & waste Audit

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