RR’s Save Wildlife Campaign

RR’s Save Wildlife Campaign

Sai Rahul Raju ’s Art Exhibitions in Schools

As active campaigners, I and my brother are giving a clear message to everyone i.e. to “STOP THE KILLING, STOP THE POACHING” “SAVE ANIMALS, SAVE ENVIRONMENT”. We are spreading the message that if we do not save these species today, tomorrow our future generations will have to see these animals in the form of toys and paintings. Our speeches and awareness campaigns show clear impact on other such as changed perceptions of people. People come to know certain facts that Rhino horn which is linked to medicinal value is not true. Tiny piece of Ivory trinket is costing the lives of many Elephants. We distributed flyers saying “Foster an orphan, save a life” in our campaigns and many people were inspired by our gesture. Many people came to know about the facts of Elephants and Rhinos & felt encouraged to start campaigning to save Elephants and Rhinos.

Rahul Raju’s Art Exhibitions for

World Environment day 2016

The environment campaigns we are conducting show a positive impact and touch the lives of people all over the world. Through our RR’s Save Wildlife Campaign and RR’s Happy Planet Initiative we are reaching global audience enlightening them about the need to save Environment for future generations. By our initiatives we try to make the planet green and save Mother Earth for future generations. As a part of our initiatives we gave an art exhibition for World Environment Day 2016

Rahul Raju’s Art Exhibitions for World Environment day 2015

We are bringing awareness to save Environment. Every year for World Environment Day we are giving Art Exhibitions in our School to bring awareness to save environment through our artworks.

Our Exhibitions aim to introduce everyone to the concepts of sustainability of natural resources and environmental conservation, Our Art exhibitions bring Environmental awareness and also need to adopt a sustainable life style to preserve the planet for future generations

Our art exhibitions at galleries were attended by many Art Lovers, Ambassadors, Embassy officials etc. of several countries. Our Exhibitions at school were attended by more than 2000 people (Students & Parents).

RR’s Best out of Waste

Best out of waste was an exciting event. We along with our friends made a cupboard out of wooden cartons, Plastic covers, recycled paper and other reusable materials. The cupboard also showcased various items used in day to day life such as pen stands, Book shelves etc. made of recyclable material.

This cupboard was exhibited in Dubai as part of the Best out of Waste project of Emirates Environment Group .

The objective of this activity was to understand that resources should be used carefully that we could reuse waste materials and not depend on new things. This activity shows importance of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

Rahul Raju’s Art Exhibition at Camden Image Gallery London

I am K. SAI RAHUL RAJU, Student of Private International English School -(Abu Dhabi-U.A.E), have recently won The International Diana Award (London) as Diana Active Campaigner for RR’s Save Wildlife campaign.

I had received the International Diana Award Certificate signed by the then U.K Prime Minister David Cameron.

I am a young artist trained by Jack Lee and gave several art exhibitions at Abu Dhabi Art Hub and recently exhibited my art works in Dubai, London, New York and Pennsylvania.

I won several local, National & International Art competitions.

I started RR’s Save Wildlife campaign with my brother (K.SAI ROHAN) under which we are doing awareness raising campaigns to save endangered species Elephants, Rhino, Tigers etc. through our artworks and exhibitions in U.A.E, U.K, U.S.A & INDIA. We are campaigning for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Global March for Elephants and Rhinos.

As part of our initiatives we exhibited our Art works at Camden Image Gallery, London,U.K

Rahul Raju’s Art Exhibition at Abu Dhabi Art Hub for International Art Month 2015.

Me and my brother are building a movement that will make a real change for Wildlife.

We passionately believe that they have a duty to prevent endangered species from being wiped out.

We are trying to bring a change through our campaigns to preserve these animals so that they share our world with future generations.

We actively participate in GMFER activities which are supported by United for Wildlife created by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

We are spreading the message

“Saving Wild Lives Today Securing Habitats for the Future”

“Save Environment, Save Planet Earth”


Rahul Raju’s Art Exhibition at Abu Dhabi Art Hub for International Art Month 2016.

As young artists & Wild life conservationists, We feel that we should do all we can to save these beautiful species by actively campaigning and bringing awareness about saving these majestic species for future generations. As part of our campaign we exhibited our Art works at Abu Dhabi Art Hub.

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