Pristine Private School’s “Educate and Elevate” Initiative: A Summer of Giving Back

Pristine Private School has made waves this summer with its “Educate and Elevate” program, a mission dedicated to making a profound difference in the lives of underprivileged students across Asia. Through the collective efforts of the Pristine student body, this initiative has successfully donated various resources, including new and used stationery, unused books, old storybooks, and funds. Here’s a summary of the impactful journey taken by Pristine’s students:

The “Educate and Elevate” program reached out to schools across Asia, providing much-needed resources and support to less privileged educational institutions. Through a global network of support staff and teachers, Pristine aimed to empower students with better resources than they would typically have access to.

*Morong National High School in Bataan, Philippines, received materials that they organized into a charity drive. This allowed students to select the stationery they needed for the upcoming school year, promoting a sense of agency and ownership in their education.

*San Francisco Elementary School in San Antonio, Philippines, was supplied with unused notebooks donated by Pristine students. These surplus notebooks became valuable tools for eager young learners.

*Umeed Academy, located in the slums of Calcutta, was a significant recipient of the program. Pristine’s efforts resulted in funding for the acquisition of five new laptops, providing students in marginalized communities access to modern educational tools.

*Rosaria Elementary School received a generous donation of old storybooks, supporting their initiative to establish a new library. A whopping 300 kilograms of books were donated, enriching the learning experience for countless students.

Pristine Private School extended its support to Parha Likha School by donating surplus uniforms, books, and stationery, totaling an impressive 325 kilograms of donations. This assistance helps the school continue its mission to educate and uplift the children and families of Gilgit, Baltistan.

The “Educate and Elevate” program not only breathed new life into used stationery and books that would have otherwise been discarded but also utilised funds raised from previous year’s events to cover up the logistics and shipping cost, provide laptops and devices to schools, opening doors to opportunities that were once distant dreams.

This initiative isn’t confined to the summer season alone; Pristine Private School is committed to making “Educate and Elevate” a year-round effort. Collection boxes have been strategically placed around the school, allowing students, teachers, and staff to contribute new or sparingly used stationery, old books, or unused notebooks whenever they feel the urge to make a significant difference in the lives of others.

Looking forward, “Educate and Elevate” is determined to broaden its impact. Pristine Private School plans to reach out to more schools and communities worldwide, extending their help and support to create a brighter future for students everywhere. The “Educate and Elevate” initiative embodies Pristine’s core values of community, compassion, and commitment to education, reminding us all that small actions can lead to profound changes in the lives of those less fortunate.


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