Peace Day at Pristine Private School

On 21st September 2022, Pristinians celebrated International Day of Peace which brought with it an opportunity for our young minds to voice out the kind of world they dream of – a happier, healthier, and peaceful world for all its cohabitants. They recognized the power of fostering a peaceful and sustainable world through a variety of activities such as making peace doves, singing a song with their classmates, and sharing their pledges for global peace and solidarity.

Students from Year 7-13 participated in various activities that were planned for them. The day began with the rendition of “Circle the World” in all classrooms from Year 7-13 during their form time, followed by creating Peace doves using materials such as plastic bottles and plastic bags. Each of these had peace pledges written, on the wings of the dove, by our students which stressed on the importance of reducing waste and living in harmony with the environment. Students created posters based on the theme of End Racism in English as well as Arabic and shared their thoughts on possible solutions.

As a part of the in-school Guided Meditation session, titled, Five Minutes to a Calmer Classroom, this week we based our sessions on the theme of Inner Peace for all students from Years 7 through to 13 to commemorate the journey. The meditation session helped students to detoxify stress, anger, and fear, after all nobody can bring you peace but yourself.

Students from Years 10 and 11 wrote and shared thoughtful poems to commemorate Peace Day. They took this opportunity to reflect on how they can promote peace through their actions. Our Post 16 students took this opportunity to create innovative posters to share their message of peace far and wide. The day served as a reminder to recognise the significance of living in peace and harmony by taking initiative to reduce inequalities.


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