Dr Jane Goodall’s talk at Muna British Academy

Renowned ethnologist and environmentalist, Dr. Jane Goodall, delivered a captivating and inspirational talk at Muna British Academy on January 24th, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of students from 15 schools in Abu Dhabi.

With students representing over 50 countries making this a truly global gathering, the event, organised by Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, showcased the global impact of Dr Jane’s message and highlighted the urgency of environmental conservation in today’s world.

Dr Goodall’s engaging talk touched on various aspects of her remarkable journey, emphasising the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of fostering a harmonious relationship with nature. Her passion for wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability resonated throughout the auditorium, creating a sense of awareness and responsibility among the young audience.

The interactive session that followed allowed students to pose questions directly to Dr Jane, offering them a unique opportunity to gain insights into her extensive knowledge and experiences. The atmosphere was filled with curiosity and enthusiasm, as students sought advice on environmental activism, wildlife preservation, and their role in shaping a sustainable future.

As the echoes of Dr Jane’s words linger in the minds of those present, the event serves as a catalyst for continued efforts in promoting sustainable practices and nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious leaders. Despite the challenges we face, the true hope for a better future lies in the passion, dedication, and determination of today’s youth.

Muna British Academy is proud to have hosted such a prestigious event and expresses heartfelt gratitude for the participation of other schools from the Abu Dhabi community and of course a huge thank you goes to Dr Goodall and her Roots & Shoots team.

Here are a few feedbacks from attendees:

Nadia Mounib, parent: “Growing up, I wanted to be Tarzan but realised after the third time of getting stuck up in a tree that it might not be for me. Then Jane Goodall came into my life, and for the first time, I wanted to be Jane! I even had a chimpanzee puppet that went wherever I went for several years. Her talk was enthralling, and seeing her excite and empower a whole new generation, including my own children, with her message of hope and determination was quite emotional. It was a fantastic moment in my life and one I will always treasure.”

Granth Darbi: “I was fascinated to meet and get an autograph from Dr  Jane Goodall who is one of my heroes. I was immensely impressed by her life story based on the book on her that I read. But meeting and hearing her speech first hand was a whole other experience. She still continues to inspire our generation, is fit, and even has a nice sense of humor. There are many great things to learn from Dr Jane Goodall, but if I pick two it is her dedication and passion. At age 90, she is still travels nearly 300 days yearly spreading awareness on environmental, conservation and humanitarian issues.”

Dhruv Vishal Shah: “What an enlightening experience! Even though I have read about her work and life before – she changed the way the world studies ethology (the study of animal behaviour) – I learned things that I’d never learned before! It was the biggest honour to meet Dr Jane Goodall in the flesh, and I will never forget this day. With her Roots & Shoots programme, she continues to inspire the new generation of future scientists.”



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