Empowering the Future: Student Delegates Attend COP 28 at Expo 2020, Dubai

COP 28 UAE-  @ Greening Education Hub – Environment Agency Pavilion

Empowering the Future: Student Delegates Attend COP 28 at Expo 2020, Dubai

In a commendable effort to nurture environmentally conscious citizens, three students Advika, Rashi, and Tyra from grade 9 alongside their mentors proudly represented Mayoor at COP 28. This prestigious event was hosted at Greening Education Hub, Expo 2020 in Dubai, thanks to an invitation extended by the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi under the Sustainable Schools Initiative.

Throughout their visit, they had the privilege of interacting with professionals, activists, and representatives from various agencies and organizations, getting interviews taken, and exploring sustainability projects. They gained insights into innovative initiatives, from renewable energy solutions to eco-friendly urban planning. This firsthand experience not only broadened their perspectives but also fueled their commitment to championing sustainability within our school community.

In conclusion, the participation of the three 9th grade students from Mayoor Private School, along with their teachers, at COP28 in Expo City Dubai was a significant opportunity that exemplified the commitment of the school towards environmental sustainability and the influential role of young individuals in shaping the future


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