Mayor Private School, Abu Dhabi – Roots & Shoots events reflections

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots program is a global initiative for youth to use their voice and actions to make compassionate decisions, influencing and leading change in their communities.

We were grateful to be able to participate in the wonderful 3 days of Roots & Shoots events, that recognised the voice of the youth in bringing awareness and empowering others about global issues such as animal and environment conservation.

At the Roots & Shoots Awards at Expo DPW Pavilion on 26th January 2023, we got to meet Dr Jane Goodall who is a British ethologist, known for her exceptionally detailed and long-term research on the chimpanzees of Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania.Dr. Jane’s speech was very insightful, one of the key points that she stated was – We all have the power to create change. The time is now to speak up and take action on issues that matter most to us. Together, we can create and influence the change that is needed in our community and our world.

On 27th January 2023, we were at The Arbor School, Dubai. The heart warming speech by Dr Jane Goodall has opened new doors and different aspects of thinking. She has inspired us to work our hardest and to get on our feet and think of new and exciting things that we can do in our school and in the community that we live in too. She showed us her perspective on different aspects of life and taught us the value of the eco systems. She never let anyone define who she is, which encourages us a lot as future generations up and coming leaders. She is a true inspiration for everyone but especially young girls like us.

On the 30th January, we got a chance to participate in the Let’s Talk workshop organised by Fairgreen International School, Dubai. We had a good experience with Jane Goodall and it was really a great memory to create while meeting all the students from other schools.

Report By: Eco club Ambassadors, Mayoor Private School, Abu Dhabi

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