Mayoor Private School, Abu Dhabi update

We were very busy this year!

Here are our activities so far:

  1. World Environment & World Earth Day Celebration – Mask challenge
  2. Ghaf Tree Conservation Campaign with the aim of raising the profile of the tree by creating an awareness of ecological and cultural significance among the community.
  3. Vivarium Project for Students
  4. Hydroponics system
  5. Vertical Garden in different blocks of the school
  6. Clean up activity in the school premise.
  7. Plant donation on Birthdays.
  8. Distribution of paper bags to Al Wathba Groceries

9. Herbarium for the students – Botanical Adventure Competition organized by Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi.

10.Student Solar Ambassador workshop
11.Why do we keep it and OROC campaign – together with Emirates Environment Group – Paper, books and cans
12.Sustainable Fashion show scheduled to be held on 14th November
13. Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation – Turtle conservation Project

14. EMEG Mangrove planting event
15.EEG – Waste from art exhibition
16.Kindling Kindness week – SDG’s
17.Distribution of sustainable pencils (seed pencils ) to students

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