Protect the Species and Mask Challenge

On the 22nd April 2019, students of Mayoor Pvt. School celebrated “World Earth Day” under the theme -’ Protect the Species’. Kindergarten students were engaged with different activities to enhance the awareness about the Endangered Animals like dugong, elephant, bees, tiger & butterfly.

To mark the importance of “World Environment Day” the students of Kindergarten created an awareness in the school by going on a parade across the school with creative masks made by them out of recyclable material and slogans on how to “Save the Environment and Beat Air Pollution”. The students wore their masks in the MPH during the assembly, where they took a pledge to save and cherish the environment. In addition, the students of KG1 donated plants to Mayoor school to bring out the importance of growing plants .It was a treat  to the eyes to see these young students take an active part in creating environmental awareness amongst their peers.

Mask Challenge & Protect the Species PDF report

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