School Vertical garden

Vertical gardening is an innovative, effortless, and highly productive growing system that uses bottom-up and top-down supports for a wide variety of plants in both small and large garden spaces. Some of the advantages of this project is

●  Maximise Limited Space

●  Plan and develop a vertical garden inside the building to improve indoor air quality.

●  Reuse old plastic bottles and reduce plastic waste.

●  It brings awareness to all the students about conserving space,water and the

  • different species of indoor plants.

    ●  It helps us decorate the school to encourage the students to learn in a neat,beautiful


    ●  Increase Accessibility.

    ●  Obtain a Higher Crop Yield

    The school has dedicated time and effort in this project so that we can spread awareness about saving space and water. If students want to contribute to this project they can donate more species of plants to add to the collection.

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