Check out our new Roots & Shoots resources – sponsored by DP World

Here at Roots & Shoots, we work hard to produce interesting, exciting and interactive resources and activities for all our members. And to keep them free and accessible to all –  a special thank you to DP World for supporting the Roots & Shoots Programme.

Here are our latest ones for you to enjoy – download the wealth of activities, integrate them into your curriculum, design a project for your class, take positive action….

Sustainable Shipping

Around 80% of world trade is transported by ships, but how often do you think about the environmental impact of shipping? In this resource we will think about the impact shipping has on us and our planet and come up with some ideas for creating more sustainable shipping.

A Tale of two Ports

Jebel Ali in Dubai is home to the biggest and busiest port in the Middle East. London Gateway in Essex is the newest and most advanced container port in the UK. Separated by thousands of kilometres, what do they share in common and what sets them apart?

We look forward to reading how you will use these resources and what your students would learn.


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