COP26 – the time for action is NOW!

The last few years have witnessed relentless challenges for our Planet and its inhabitants. Apathy and avoidance are no longer possible.  It is time for action.

COP26, therefore, was more important than ever – where young people from across the Globe, spoke up about the pressing issues that need addressing – now!

As the leading voice in conservation and an expert in animal behaviour, Dr Jane Goodall was announced as Advocate of COP26 and her mission was to speak to World Leaders about the vital relationship between nature and climate.

“In my 87 years, I have seen the ice melting in Greenland and the glaciers vanishing on Mount Kilimanjaro and around the world. Forests are disappearing – deforestation means we are losing one of the lungs of the world.  It is crucial that world leaders come together at COP26 to take urgent action to protect our planet.”

Dr Jane took part in numerous events, including the PRESIDENCY EVENT: Intergenerational Inquiry: Youth stepping up for Climate Action, where she was joined by Vikram Malhi (UCL Roots & Shoots), who spoke about the impact of Roots & Shoots to young people from all over the World. The session facilitated a dialogue between youth leaders and high-profile experts sharing experiences and stories of change. It brought generations together to learn from each other and amplify the scale of climate action.

Vikram commented, “Speaking alongside Dr Jane Goodall on an international platform about the lessons Roots & Shoots has taught me, and continues to teach others, on how we can fight climate change, was a truly awesome experience.

Having people from around the world listen to you when you have barely started your career was an incredibly unique experience many young people often do not get. Furthermore, to be introduced by someone you admire as greatly as I admire Dr Goodall will make this a memory I will always treasure.”

Dr Jane and Roots & Shoots youth also took part in the Realising a Compassionate Planet event (awaiting a link from Sarah) alongside representatives from the Children’s Parliament.

We are so proud that the UK was represented by Amelia Litherland and Maylis Riera – both inspirational young ladies that talked with passion about the projects they are involved in and the importance of connecting to nature.  Roots & Shoots representatives from Tanzania, Argentina and Puerto Rico were also able to join and share their experiences.

It was also uplifting to see our young Roots & Shoots members taking part in an important debate:

TEDxGwE talk by the Eco-Taskforce students at Ysgol Clywedog in Wrexham for COP26 in Glasgow. Used as a call to action for the World Leaders, the team focused on the plight of Bees across the world and showed how their rapid decline will affect humanity.

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