Throwback Project: ACS’s Bus Raid Programme

We really value our hard-working members who inspire us daily!

There are some amazing projects out there that deserve ongoing recognition – so we are starting the ‘Throwback Project’ trend so we can share them with you too!

Here is our 1st one: ACS’s Bus Raid Programme

 Bus Raids – Delivering a Smile

Conceived as a way to connect with one of the more challenging needs in our city, Bus Raids started in 2008 as a collaborative Roots & Shoots project, involving all members of our community.  Each year, American Community School, Abu Dhabi (ACS) sponsors 2-5 bus raids. Students pack a small treat for workers and deliver these as workers are boarding buses to go home. This action is a simple act of kindness to show respect and thank those who work so hard. As organizers, Bahareh Sharghi and Anne Russell, emphasized, “The most important impact is your smile as you deliver the late afternoon snack.”

Laden with “treat bags” Roots & Shoots headed out to the Arabtec construction site and distributed a nice snack of a schwarma, apple, and water to 450-800 workers. After six weeks of organizing popcorn sales, collection of plastic bags, ordering water and shawarma, the students packed the bags and loaded the delivery truck.  As one student commented during distribution, “600 is a lot.” The larger impact is the opportunity to learn more about workers with their long hours and tough living situations. They took as many pictures of the students as the students took of them! “On a small scale, students step over the barrier of ‘us and them’ which is critical for any deeper social change in the future.”



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