Dr Jane provides a thoughtful Keynote Speech at the PRIS’20 Conference

PRIS is an annual gathering of the Jordanian and Arab youth under one goal and united by one passion: to create an Arab scientific revolution, a neo-renaissance era in scientific research and innovation!

Dr Jane’s speech: “Gombe & beyond”, in her dialogue with Dr Rana Al-Djani, talked about her love story with animals and the natural curiosity she had ever since she was a child; her mother and all the support she gave her throughout the years, including accompanying her on her first trip to Gombe!

When no one believed in Jane’s dreams, her mother told her: ′′ You must work hard, use everything around you to learn and reach your goal, don’t give up and always keep planning “.

Dr Jane also discussed her biggest scientific discovery, the amazing chimpanzees that changed her life and why she has dedicated that life to fight for them and other animals. She explained the importance of helping others and how the programmes the Jane Goodall Institute delivers in Africa meets those objectives.

She spoke about her hope for the future which lies in her Roots & Shoots youth programme and how crucial it is roll up our sleeves and take action for this Planet and all its habitat and inhabitants.

She ended her keynote by sharing about what keeps her going and the message that ‘Every day we live we make an impact on this Planet, and it is up to us to decide what sort of impact we make – each single day we can and we do make a difference!’

Watch the full talk here

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