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We at GEMS United Indian School are committed to protecting our environment and our efforts are complimented by the support of our parents, students and staff. We emphasize the importance of working together to instill a culture of preserving the environment and its resources, which are the real assets for future generations and forms a pillar for achieving sustainable development.

We nurture and mould our students to be proactive global citizens by bringing in positive change to the world we live in. Our students participated in various campaigns and initiatives such as EEG Clean-Up, One Root One Communi-Tree, Can Collection. We collected around 6,500 kg of papers and handed it over to EEG for recycling.

We engage the entire school in the celebration of UN Environment days such as Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Day to combat Desertification, Earth Hour, and many more. Our students are provided various opportunities to raise awareness within their community by involving their family and wider community at large.

Tree planting is an incredible way for students to connect with nature and contributes significantly to our environment’s betterment. One of the projects that we are attending every year is “For Our Emirate, We Plant”. These projects widen their skills in learning and gives them the opportunity to discuss the environmental issues with experts from this field.

In line with the UAE Vision 2021’s goal of maintaining a supportive and sustainable environment, our eco warriors initiated a tree planting event in Al Dahra Agriculture Farm for UN World Day to Combat Desertification. The initiative aimed to reduce the harmful impact of carbon emissions on the environment and explore ways of offsetting them. This event was initiated to preserve the local biodiversity and to protect, preserve and restore our natural habitats of indigenous flora and fauna.

We always encourage our students to practice sustainable lifestyle in their daily lives by following the 6Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, rethink and refuse.

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