Join Dr. Jane for a virtual reading of ‘Chimpanzee Family’ book!

Join Dr. Jane for a virtual reading of ‘Chimpanzee Family’! This book provides an intimate portrait of a group of chimpanzees. Follow along as Jane takes you into their lives and you learn more about this incredible species.

Every week Dr. Jane will share some of her books with you at home, from her home in Bournemouth, England as we all practice #socialdistancing. Learn more at

Jane’s discoveries in the 1960s and 70s changed the way we understand these fellow great apes and our relationship with the rest of the animal kingdom. Her observation that chimpanzees make and use tools revolutionized the field of animal behavior, challenging the “sharp line” separating humans from other animals. 2020 marks 60 continuous years of research in Gombe by the Jane Goodall Institute, the longest running wild chimpanzee study in the world!

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