My Arctic Expedition with Robert Swan, by Yusuph Masanja, Tanzania

During the expedition, I learned and participated in many constructive things. Among other things, the following changed my life and worldview immensely: Meditation and yoga practices I performed daily under the guidance of experts in the ship. In addition to the inspiration from other participants, I was gripped so much by the Climate Change sessions.

The story and inspiring speeches of Robert Swan and all the expedition leaders added to this newly formulated pursuit: creating the ‘Global Sustainability Learning Center in Tanzania’.

Yes, having been inspired by the Arctic expedition, I resolved to start working towards facilitating the understanding and hopefully inspiring solutions of climate change globally (but starting small, in my local planet –Tanzania) using the already existing network of the Roots & Shoots.

I plan to create the sustainability learning center that will showcase physically the micro solutions that everyone can adapt in their daily life to live more sustainably… solutions such as proper waste management, circular economy, renewable energy etc….

I plan to implement this idea at the forest where your friend Mr. Costa Coucoulis works to save the forest (Congo Forest, near the Saadani National Park). The reason being: helping to save such forest and the threatened wildlife corridor, providing a learning space for people in the Nature (as opposed to regular concrete air conditioned classrooms!!) , strengthening the partnership between Costa’s efforts, JGI’s R&S and the Global Compassion, while collectively –sharing resources in making the difference.

I am still in the initial discussions with Costa about this, but my aim is to launch the space (which is going to be an example –built 100% sustainably) on February next year when Robert Swan visits Tanzania. It is my hope that you will also be around at that time so that together (you, Robert, Costa and other JGI / SANA/ Global Compassion team) could participate in launching the learning center.

I am going to need so much help in terms of connection with people, labs and research institutes dedicated to solving the climate issue in the world. I would also be needing assistance in endorsing my actions to people like Costa so that partnerships becomes easier to establish –that way, we can start moving quickly with both micro solutions (educating young generation) and macro actions (influencing policy actions at country and continents level).

Please watch this short video of Sir Robert Swan and myself in the Arctic:

Photo credits: Yusuph Masanja and Trenton Branson

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